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Here's a full rundown of SwingTracker:

Monthly Service:
Monthly Service with E-mini Futures:
Access to NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OPRA, S & P, and CME
Includes exchange fees

When you sign up to SwingTracker you'll have the following:

High powered real-time and end of day scanning capabilities.  Capable of scanning the markets for technical and fundamental setups
Real-time interactive charts - use your favorite popular indicators or use custom exclusive to SwingTracker overlays and indicators
Unique Favorites Watchlist, gives unprecedented level of visibility so you can spot potential trades fast, then one-click access from list pulls up charts quickly
A massive variety of options to your Watchlist.  Indexes, Industries, Sectors, Gainers, Losers, Actives, Wide Range, Gaps, and much more. Also add Scans and Portfolios.
The ability to create large amounts of Workspaces and save yourself huge amounts of desktop space
Slideshow option gives you the ability to quickly go through a huge amount of charts while you are trading. go through your entire Watchlist and look at different chart patterns AUTOMATICALLY.
Access to historical data all the way back to 1990
Real-time options chains on any optionable stock
Multiple real-time daily plus overall profit and loss portfolios, with real-time gap and swing alerts, and audio and visual alerts
One-click access to real-time and end of day scans created by the MrSwing team
Access to SwingTracker auto scanner – setup by simply putting a checkmark by the scan you want, that's all it takes!
SwingTracker can be used on two computers (non-simultaneous use)

FREE add-on services: 

Free Technical Support via phone, ticketing & email
Access to the SwingTracker trading team to help you create scans and custom technical indicators and chart overlays. (We have created tons of custom scans and indicators for SwingTracker users) We do not charge anything for this!
Share and compare your ideas, charts, indicators, and scans with other SwingTracker and MrSwing users. Borrow their ideas, learn from them. Create life long friendships and profitable relationships
Ask Larry and his trading team about trading ideas and plans, have a question? We're here to help you!

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